Shropshire Junior Football League Kick It Out – Futsal 2020

March 16, 2020
Futsal 2020
April 9, 2020
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Shropshire Junior Football League Kick It Out – Futsal 2020

An integral part of the SJFL Futsal Respect Festival is a day given to ‘We Only Do Positive – Kick It Out’ Let’s kick racism out of football, and Rainbow Laces “Make Sport Everyone’s’ Game” the FA Campaign to help eradicate racism not just from football but every day life.

Well done Team SJFL and thanks to all for a great KIO Campaign at the SJFL Futsal 2020 on Sunday 23rd February hosted by Shrewsbury Sports Village as part of The Community Sports Partnership. This was the best KIO event the league has staged over the last three years. Lead by SJFL with ‘We Only Do Positive’ video montage supported by SFA Youth Council presentations and player/parent interactions with the Georgia Williams Trust and photo calls by Kidz in Focus.

Thanks must go to the eight teams, players, coaches, managers, all their parents and supporters and over 200 people supporting and taking part in ‘We Only Do Positive Kick It Out’. Tony from Kidz In Focus

Eddie Thomas (parent): thank you to the league and clubs whose teams represented themselves brilliantly, the players listened and joined in with answers and also the parents and supporters who supported the event.

SJFL & the SFA Youth Council held a “Kick It Out Campaign Day. We would like to thank the following teams, coaches,parents, supporters for taking part, U10 Baschurch, U10 Prees Mavericks, U8 Shrewsbury Juniors, U8 Meresiders Minnows, U9 Wem Town, U9 Market Drayton Tigers. All teams, their managers, players and supporters are a credit to their clubs.
#We only Do Positive

Jan Butler SJFL League Secretary

If you’re under 26 your entire life has been lived in an era when football’s equality and inclusion organisation has been actively trying to make the game better for everyone. During events to mark Kick It Out’s twenty-fifth anniversary Shropshire Junior Football League heard from many people involved with football at every level of our grassroots game.

You told us what football means to you and how the drive to eliminate discrimination is bringing hope to people who want to participate in the beautiful game.

That, despite high profile incidents of discriminatory abuse or the negativity and hatred thriving on social media, things are slowly getting better. But more work is needed. We need more education and support to help eliminate discrimination. Kick It Out is at the centre of that drive towards progress and all of us together make up the #KickItOutGeneration

“We Only Do Positive” – Futsal 2020 Kick It Out (Lets kick racism out of football) and Rainbow Laces “Make Sport Everyone’s’ Game”

The Shropshire Junior Football League and its Respect Partners The Georgia Williams Trust and Shropshire FA Youth Council are passionate about creating an Inclusive Football League that tackles all forms of discrimination, encourages inclusive practices and challenges Homophobic, Biphobic and Transphobic Language and works for positive change.
Mike Hames
Chairman SJFL

The majority of sports fans want a better, more inclusive game and WE ONLY DO POSITIVE – KICK IT OUT, RAINBOW LACES “MAKE SPORT EVERYONE’S GAME” campaign is about encouraging people to step up and say they will not stand for abuse. Taking small steps will make a big difference to how welcome lots of individuals in sport feel. We have the power to influence clubs, teams and communities for the better
Lynnette Williams
The Georgia Williams Trust

Everyone who wants football to be more inclusive is part of the #KickItOutGeneration If you love the game but don’t like the hatred that sometimes goes with it, then you are one of us.
Regan Gough
SFA Youth Council

The key element of SJFL Futsal is that it is a RESPECT FOOTBALL FESTIVAL – read more here. We want everyone to focus on the core reason we all play, coach and watch football – the love of the game. This is also a good opportunity to get parents involved in the game, teaching them how to adapt their behaviour and help create a more positive environment on the touchline for their children to play and enjoy football.

Shropshire Junior Football League wants to make football better for generations to come and, with our Respect partners, Futsal 2020 is the third year that the league has organised KIO events. We are still the only league across the county actively promoting, supporting and raising awareness to discrimination through KIO.

Congratulations to SJFL that looks brilliant, well organised as always,Thanks. Rhys Collins. Shrewsbury Facilities Manager. Shropshire Community Leisure Trust Ltd. Shrewsbury Sports Village

SJFL KIO flyers – over 300 flyers were handed out through the day to players, managers, supporters and sponsors to raise awareness to Kick It Out Campaign. Download your copy by clicking on the image:

SJFL Kick It Out 2020 Video – Download your copy by clicking on the image:

SJFL Kick It Out 2020 Posters – Download your copy by clicking on the image:

SJFL KIO 2020 team/player Gallery can be viewed here.

And now you can help.

*) For more info on KIO 2020 follow SJFL at

*) Get involved using the hashtag #KickItOutGeneration and spread our message of equality.

*) or Get Involved at

Mike Hames, Chairman SJFL • Jan Butler, Welfare Officer SJFL • Regan Gough Shropshire FA Youth Council • Lynnette Williams, Georgia Williams Trust • Eve Bailey Shropshire FA

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