Grassroots League of the Year 2019

The League holds Four Charity Trophy Festivals hosted across the county for U10 (27 teams), U11s (22 teams) & U12s (18 teams), Futsal for U7 to U14 (95 teams participated 2019). The League currently has a Mid-winter fixture break December/ January. Consists of development football for U7–U12 (124 teams) Open competition U13-U16 (67 teams) plus Shropshire Charity Cup U13/U14 (86 teams).The SJFL provided its eleventh consecutive Respect Futsal Festival (within mid-winter break) on Sundays (U7-U10) with 95 teams/216 fixtures over 900 players and deliver Futsal to older age groups U12s, 13s 14s (12 team) with 50 midweek fixtures and over 120 players. Also they sponsored Futsal coach and referee’s courses all within FA CS league’s development programme. Referees appointed to U13, 14, 15 & 16s fixtures with 100% coverage by registered referees across all age groups. “Ability is Nothing Without Opportunity” is the league’s motto. SJFL were the first league to implement ‘development football’, Co-opt a member of Shropshire FA Youth Council onto league office (2016) and continue to support the valid work of these young volunteers.

Download a link to the Shropshire FA Grassroots Awards programme here

Photos courtesy of Yarrington Limited.

FA19 Grassroots Football Awards Winners


The Shropshire Junior Football League prides itself on going above and beyond, but also trailblazing. They were the FIRS county league to have a respect partner (The Georgia Williams Trust), the FIRST to deliver the Rainbow Laces/Kick It Out campaign, the FIRST to implement Respect Marshalls on match days and the First league to receive a Gold award in The Mayor of Shrewsbury’s awards in recognition of their achievements towards <b>enhancing the wellbeing of young people in the area.

The league remains committed to enhancing and maintaining the wellbeing of young people in its area and promoting equality, inclusion and diversity across its community.

We understand our potential influential role in fostering positive attitudes and behaviour.

Welcome and Thanks The FA:

The FA and McDonald’s Grassroots Football Awards are for people who make a positive difference. We recognise those individuals and groups who put their heart and soul into the game. It’s our chance to celebrate fantastic work – say thank you for inspiring us all to aim for greatness.

Progressive reaching for improvement and innovation

Respectful leading by example

Inclusive positive behaviour in others, uniting people of any age, ethnicity and from any background

Determined rising to and overcoming challenges

Excellent striving to make football the best it can be

Greg Clarke

National Winner The FA and McDonald’s Grassroots Football Awards 2019:

In 2018 Nathan French, at the time the FA’s National Respect Project Manager, was tasked by The FA’s chairman to consolidate a number of awards under one award scheme that set out to champion all those clubs, leagues, individuals and projects that make grassroots football happen in their community week in week out. Nominations received would be themed around The FA’s core values of PRIDE which stand for Progressive, Respectful, Inclusive, Determined and Excellent.

Within the first year of the revised awards scheme, of which McDonald’s after partnering the previous community awards were back on board, received a record number of Nominations hitting a total of 2,098.

This year we received a total 4,096 nominations across 10 categories.

This then became 373 local winners across 43 different County Football Associations. And now it is you 11 that represent all that is beautiful about the grassroots game and allow us to celebrate with you this achievement at this years awards ceremony.

As an 11 you were selected by a National panel of people made up of 2018 award winners, renowend individuals from across the game, ambassadors of football and world cup winner Sir Geoff Hurst who had the pleasure of selecting this years Bobby Moore award in place of the absent Stephanie Moore, Bobby’s wife.

Your award is a wonderful achievement and I want to take the opportunity now to thank you for all that you do for your grassroots football community, as we all have our part to play in making it the best place for people to play and enjoy the beautiful game.

You truly deserve all the recognition this year for playing your part.

Kind Regards

Tom Lee
National Leagues and Clubs Operations Manager

Dear Mike & Jan,

<p>I know the announcement is still embargoed and we won’t be able to go public until tomorrow evening. However, I couldn’t let the moment pass without congratulating your Management Committee on this quite superb achievement. You are now officially the best Junior League in the Country at Raising Standards of behaviour in youth football. Although the contribution of your league in developing football over the last 45 years is well known by everyone who is involved in football in Shropshire and the West Midlands, it is a fitting tribute that the FA have finally decided to recognise the talent of your volunteers.</p>

Thank you for demonstrating that Shropshire can be the best in England at developing the beautiful game.

Kind regards,

Roy Waterfield
Chief Executive
Shropshire FA

Futsal 2020

Given the dreadful storms (Ciara and Dennis) in February cancelling all SJFL league fixtures and Futsal over a week-end and then Coronavirus closing down all grassroots football from 23rd March,  SJFL  has been most fortunate in being able to complete its twelfth consecutive Futsal in 2020 following the inaugural event in 2009.   Again this year the Futsal Respect Festival included  WE ONLY DO POSITIVE – KICK IT OUT event on 23rd February – read more on KIO here.

On Sundays, Futsal was dedicated to mini-soccer teams in the U7 to U10 development age groups and 61 teams enjoyed a full match programme of 16 fixtures each Sunday.  This consisted of 32 teams and over 250 players participating each week from 9am to 5pm  over the  nine weeks of the festival which was held at Shrewsbury Sports Village.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is sjfl-futsal2020-4451.jpg

A cumulative total of  288 (U7 to U10) teams and 2250 participants competed in the fixture programme over the nine weeks of the  Futsal Respect Festival –  that’s an amazing achievement!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is sjfl-futsal2020-4230.jpg

All games we officiated by by two futsal qualified referees with three league officers supervising the event (inc.  League Welfare Officer and Respect Co-Ordinator).


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is sjfl-futsal2020-4532.jpg
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is sjfl-futsal2020-4541.jpg

For a second year a Mid-Week Futsal programme was organised at Shrewsbury Sports Village for U11 and U13 teams enabled by the league receiving a  FA Grant to ‘Grow The Game’  at  Futsal.  The fixture programme had  8x U11 teams  and 6x U13 teams competing in trophy events on Wednesday and Friday evenings between 6pm and 8pm.  Although only two hour evening slots, each week 8x teams and over 60 players competed in the Futsal Trophy festival and over the nine weeks a cumulative total of 72 teams and 540 players enjoyed playing  futsal.

The SJFL is very proud to be the leading provider of Futsal across the county and wider football regions.  Since 2009 the league has provided Futsal as part of player development within the league’s  FA CS Plan and, having recived a FA Futsal Grant, to ‘Grow The Game’, the league was able to offer free entry fees to U7 teams, discounted fees to U8s and maintain  team entry fees for U9 upwards at the same level as previous year.

All photos are courtesy of Kidz in Focus.

FUTSAL RESPECT FESTIVAL 2020: U7 to U10s (Sundays) 5th January 2020, then 19th January – 15th March 2020:  Mid-Week Futsal (U11 – U14s)  (Weds & Fridays) 8th Jan 2020 to 6th March 2020 held at Shrewsbury Sports Village.

The SJFL Futsal Respect Festival is now in its twelfth consecutive year and again hosted by Shrewsbury Sports Village (part of the Community Football Partnership). The Futsal festival will run every Sunday through January (except 12th Jan), February and into March 2020 (U7-U10s) and Weds/Friday evenings for U11-U14s. Last year 95  teams and over 800 participants enjoyed the event making it the most successful  SJFL Futsal event organised by any county and regional league. Lets see if we can do better this year?

The latest Futsal fixtures can be downloaded below: 

SJFL Futsal 2020 Fixtures U7 – U10 (Sundays) download here
SJFL Futsal 2020 Fixtures U11 (Fridays) download here
SJFL Futsal 2020 Fixtures U13 (Wednesdays) download here

All SJFL Futsal 2020 fixtures will be posted on FA Full-Time. KICK IT OUT and WE ONLY DO POSITIVE will take place on Sunday 23rd February with presentations by SJFL, SFA Youth Council and Georgia Williams Trust supported by Shropshire FA.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is sjfl-logo-small-2019-new.png

Shropshire Junior Football League Kick It Out – Futsal 2020

An integral part of the SJFL Futsal Respect Festival is a day given to ‘We Only Do Positive – Kick It Out’ Let’s kick racism out of football, and Rainbow Laces “Make Sport Everyone’s’ Game” the FA Campaign to help eradicate racism not just from football but every day life.

Well done Team SJFL and thanks to all for a great KIO Campaign at the SJFL Futsal 2020 on Sunday 23rd February hosted by Shrewsbury Sports Village as part of The Community Sports Partnership. This was the best KIO event the league has staged over the last three years. Lead by SJFL with ‘We Only Do Positive’ video montage supported by SFA Youth Council presentations and player/parent interactions with the Georgia Williams Trust and photo calls by Kidz in Focus.

Thanks must go to the eight teams, players, coaches, managers, all their parents and supporters and over 200 people supporting and taking part in ‘We Only Do Positive Kick It Out’. Tony from Kidz In Focus

Eddie Thomas (parent): thank you to the league and clubs whose teams represented themselves brilliantly, the players listened and joined in with answers and also the parents and supporters who supported the event.

SJFL & the SFA Youth Council held a “Kick It Out Campaign Day. We would like to thank the following teams, coaches,parents, supporters for taking part, U10 Baschurch, U10 Prees Mavericks, U8 Shrewsbury Juniors, U8 Meresiders Minnows, U9 Wem Town, U9 Market Drayton Tigers. All teams, their managers, players and supporters are a credit to their clubs.
#We only Do Positive

Jan Butler SJFL League Secretary

If you’re under 26 your entire life has been lived in an era when football’s equality and inclusion organisation has been actively trying to make the game better for everyone. During events to mark Kick It Out’s twenty-fifth anniversary Shropshire Junior Football League heard from many people involved with football at every level of our grassroots game.

You told us what football means to you and how the drive to eliminate discrimination is bringing hope to people who want to participate in the beautiful game.

That, despite high profile incidents of discriminatory abuse or the negativity and hatred thriving on social media, things are slowly getting better. But more work is needed. We need more education and support to help eliminate discrimination. Kick It Out is at the centre of that drive towards progress and all of us together make up the #KickItOutGeneration

“We Only Do Positive” – Futsal 2020 Kick It Out (Lets kick racism out of football) and Rainbow Laces “Make Sport Everyone’s’ Game”

The Shropshire Junior Football League and its Respect Partners The Georgia Williams Trust and Shropshire FA Youth Council are passionate about creating an Inclusive Football League that tackles all forms of discrimination, encourages inclusive practices and challenges Homophobic, Biphobic and Transphobic Language and works for positive change.
Mike Hames
Chairman SJFL

The majority of sports fans want a better, more inclusive game and WE ONLY DO POSITIVE – KICK IT OUT, RAINBOW LACES “MAKE SPORT EVERYONE’S GAME” campaign is about encouraging people to step up and say they will not stand for abuse. Taking small steps will make a big difference to how welcome lots of individuals in sport feel. We have the power to influence clubs, teams and communities for the better
Lynnette Williams
The Georgia Williams Trust

Everyone who wants football to be more inclusive is part of the #KickItOutGeneration If you love the game but don’t like the hatred that sometimes goes with it, then you are one of us.
Regan Gough
SFA Youth Council

The key element of SJFL Futsal is that it is a RESPECT FOOTBALL FESTIVAL – read more here. We want everyone to focus on the core reason we all play, coach and watch football – the love of the game. This is also a good opportunity to get parents involved in the game, teaching them how to adapt their behaviour and help create a more positive environment on the touchline for their children to play and enjoy football.

Shropshire Junior Football League wants to make football better for generations to come and, with our Respect partners, Futsal 2020 is the third year that the league has organised KIO events. We are still the only league across the county actively promoting, supporting and raising awareness to discrimination through KIO.

Congratulations to SJFL that looks brilliant, well organised as always,Thanks. Rhys Collins. Shrewsbury Facilities Manager. Shropshire Community Leisure Trust Ltd. Shrewsbury Sports Village

SJFL KIO flyers – over 300 flyers were handed out through the day to players, managers, supporters and sponsors to raise awareness to Kick It Out Campaign. Download your copy by clicking on the image:

SJFL Kick It Out 2020 Video – Download your copy by clicking on the image:

SJFL Kick It Out 2020 Posters – Download your copy by clicking on the image:

SJFL KIO 2020 team/player Gallery can be viewed here.

And now you can help.

*) For more info on KIO 2020 follow SJFL at shropshirejuniorleague.co.uk/category/kickitout

*) Get involved using the hashtag #KickItOutGeneration and spread our message of equality.

*) or Get Involved at www.thefa.com/get-involved/respect

Mike Hames, Chairman SJFL • Jan Butler, Welfare Officer SJFL • Regan Gough Shropshire FA Youth Council • Lynnette Williams, Georgia Williams Trust • Eve Bailey Shropshire FA

Charity Presentations 2020

Dear Charities at  PRISM,  Shrewsbury Foodbank (Barnabas Community Projects), Shropshire SANDS, Bradbury House (Action for Children). Thank you for the good work you’re all doing and trust you’re keeping safe and well in these difficult times with the Coronavirus and as it is for those who you are helping.

I’m Chairman of the Shropshire Junior Football League and, whilst all grassroots football is closed  for the foreseeable future,  we’ve issued an Open Statement – End Of Season 2019-20 which you can follow at https://shropshirejuniorleague.co.uk/sjfl-open-statement/  and one of the agreed commitments  is to the  league’s Charity Fund. This Fund is made up of team entry fees, donations and reserves and  SJFL has agreed for each charity to receive £500 making a total donation of £2000. Since the new millennium the league has now raised over £32000 & gifted 69 charities. Whilst we can’t do official presentations we’re going to do virtual cheque donations. We’ll download  all the respective logos with a meet the team photos and a presentation cheque to make  a virtual photo call.

When grassroots football reopens we’d like to invite you to one of the league’s events so all your good work can be formally recognised.

I look forward to hearing from you and thank you for the excellent community work you all do.

Keep safe keep well.

Best regards

Mike Hames
Shropshire Junior Football League


Community support service providing peer led emotional support and listening service for bereaved adults, children and young people covering: 

Bereaved Sibling Support service for children – For children aged 5 -18yrs old. A bi-monthly peer support activity takes place with other children and their parents who are in a similar situation.  

Child Bereaved of a Parent or a Carer – One to one support service through the school with a bi-monthly peer support session with other children and their parents in a similar situation.  

School Grief and Loss Support – Provision of one to one grief and loss support in the school environment, referrals are required from a school professional/member of staff.

For more information of services provided by PRISM please contact Sue Jinks at prismtelford@gmail.com    

Shrewsbury Food Bank Plus organises and distributes parcels of donated food to individuals and families every week.We aim to help people out of crisis and poverty whether that’s resources, relational or identity and empower clients to enable them to make confident decisions and responses to future challenges they may face.

For more information of services provided by Shrewsbury Foodbank Plus please contact Karen Williams at info@barnabascommunityprojects.org or website at www.barnabascommunityprojects.org

Dear Mike,

Thank you so much for Shropshire Junior Football League’s generous donation! Karen has asked me to send you the links to the thank you’s that have been shared on our social media today:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/barnabascommunityprojects/photos/a.1084864974858531/3295952287083111/?type=3&theater


Kindest Regards,
Meg Roberts

Shropshire SANDS
Our vision for the future: A world where fewer babies die and when a baby does die, anyone affected receives the best possible care and support for as long as it’s needed and to support anyone affected by the death of a baby. To work in partnership with healthcare professionals to ensure that bereaved parents and families receive the best possible care. To promote improvements in practice and fund research to help reduce the number of babies dying.

For more information of services provided by Shropshire SANDS please contact  Simon Emmett at shropshire@sands.org.uk

Download the thank you letter here

Download the certificate here

Bradbury House Shrewsbury – Children and young people

Every child should grow up safe and happy.

That’s why we provide support to help them thrive – and step in to help when times get tough.

This means protecting the vulnerable from neglect and abuse.

It means supporting young people who are homeless and those who care for others. It’s finding safe and loving homes, and giving children a voice by campaigning for something better. It also means being there when the unexpected happens.

Who do we care for?

  • Age range: 0-17   
  • Area covered:  Children and young people who live in Shropshire and the surrounding area.  
  • Disability:  all children and young people have a learning, and/or multiple disability, but may also have additional needs including sensory disability, health needs, physical disability, challenging behaviour, communication disorders, attention and conduct disorders or mental health needs. 
  • We will provide short breaks seven days per week. 

For more information of services provided at Bradbury House Shrewsbury (Action For Children) please contact craig.hoggarth@actionforchildren.org

League digs deep for charities

The Shropshire Junior Football League has donated £500 to Prism Telford and three other charities Picture: Kidz in Focus

THE Shropshire Junior Football League has dug deep in the time of crisis to continue its unwavering support to important local charities. The coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc with grassroots football, with the SJFL cancelling all of its leagues, festivals and cup finals from under-7s to under-16s for the first time in its 46-year history. One of the league’s flagship events, the SJFL FA Heads Up Charity Cup finals, which would have been staged at Market Drayton Town’s Greenfields home at the end of April, was to be held in partnership and support of charities, with an emphasis of those in support of mental health of young people. The league were due to match the funding of the gate receipts for the events, which was sponsored by the Georgia Williams Trust and Kidz In Focus. They were the only league in Shropshire given authorisation to use the FA’s Heads Up campaign logos. The finals have been scrapped due to government guidelines, but have been rearranged for 2021 – and the league has been united in the decision to pledge crucial financial support to charities in need. The SJFL donated £2,000 from their charity fund and reserves to four charities, receiving £500 each. Read the full article here.

Football Teams’ Tribute to the NHS

The boys of Oswestry Boys & Girls Club under-nine Tigers in their ‘Thank You NHS’ kits, pictured with, from left, manager Anthony Butler, Laura Seddon of Seddon Haulage and assistant manager Craig Walker. Photo courtesy of the Shropshire Star.

A children’s football team in Oswestry has kitted out its players in a strip with the message ‘thank you NHS’ rather than a commercial sponsor thanks to the generosity of parents.

Oswestry Boys & Girls Club’s (OBGC) under-nine Tigers team will play their next season with the message of gratitude for health workers emblazoned on their shirts.

People all over the country have found their own ways to thank the NHS for their work during the coronavirus crisis.

Manager Anthony Butler said: “Macron Wrexham and the OBGC gave us the opportunity to purchase a new kit that shows ‘thank you NHS’ instead of a sponsor.

“The parents of our team all thought this was a lovely idea and bought their sons a kit.”

Meanwhile Oswestry company Seddon Haulage has offered to sponsor the team’s winter jackets, one each for Mr Butler and assistant manager Craig Walker plus all of the players.

Mr Butler is about to begin his second season in charge of the Tigers and said he is delighted to be back in training.

“It was a nice break but it’s good to be back to some kind of normality.”

To learn more about the Oswestry Boys & Girls Club and its range of teams, visit facebook.com/OswestryBoysandGirlsClub/.

Read the Shropshire Star article here.

SJFL CHARITY CUP FESTIVAL of FINALS 2021 – Sponsoring Local Charities

This has been a challenging desperate year and more with the Covid-19 pandemic, not just for grassroots football but for all walks of society, not least our local communities.

When outdoor grassroots football returned in September/October 2020 all thoughts were to complete the football season. However, this was not to be as by early November we would enter another Covid Lockdown that was to last through the winter and all grassroots football was cancelled for the foreseeable future!

The short dark winter days dragged on for weeks, then months and it was not until April 2021 that outdoor grassroots football was allowed to restart under strict Government and FA Covid-19 Guidance. Now came one of, if not the biggest challenges to Shropshire Junior Football League in its 47-year history.  How, when, what and where could the league implement a fixture programme across all 192 teams from U7 to U16 with development games for U7- U12s and competition fixtures for the U13 – U16s and to finish the season on a high note? With only a few games played last October, the league management took the decision to null and void the league programme and concentrate on a Charity Cup competition. With unquestionable support from Market Drayton Town FC, Shrewsbury Town In The Community (STITC Ludlow Stadium) and The New Saints FC (Park Hall Stadium) they all agreed to host a festival of finals. The next stage was to find three local worthy charities to promote at these three stadium venues – this was not too difficult – SJFL News

Market Drayton Town FC became the FA Heads Up Campaign (rescheduled from 2020) and PRISM Telford Charity Finals – Download the programme here

STITC Ludlow became the Shrewsbury Foodbank Plus Charity Finals – Download the programme here

The New Saints FC became the Oswestry and Borders Foodbank Charity Finals – Download the programme here

Each charity has continued to provide unrivalled support to their communities before and more prevalent throughout the pandemic.

*) FA Heads Up Campaign also became the common theme at all three venues with a short and striking memorable phrase used in advertising

“Imagine if we talked about mental health as much as we talk about football”


*) PRISM Telford (Offers community bereavement support to adults, children and young people, opportunities to process their grief and to be with someone who can emphasise with them. Peer led support, a listening ear, guidance and support. Contact us 01952 872858 or email prismtelford@gmail.com)

Hi Mike,

We thank you once again for your very generous donation to PRISM, it will be well utilised in serving the clients we support now and in the future.

Best wishes,

Maggie Higgins, Trustee, PRISM Telford

*) Shrewsbury Foodbank Plus (Organises and distributes parcels of donated food to individuals and families every week. We aim to help people out of crisis and poverty whether that’s resources, relational or identity and empower clients to enable them to make confident decisions and responses to future challenges they may face. For more information of services provided by Shrewsbury Foodbank Plus please contact Karen Williams at info@barnabascommunityprojects.org or website at www.barnabascommunityprojects.org)

*) Oswestry and Borders Foodbank (Every day people in the UK go hungry for reasons ranging from redundancy to receiving an unexpected bill on a low income. A simple box of food makes a big difference, with foodbanks helping prevent crime, housing loss, family breakdown and mental health problemsContact our Foodbank: Phone us: 01691 671940 Email us: referrals@oswestryandborders.foodbank.org)

And so the journey began. Whilst the U7 – U9s continued to play development football, the Charity and Consolation Charity Cup for U10s – U16s was now in progress with all games played in Champion League format, then knock out games to reach their respective finals – SJFL News

Having now reached the ‘The Festival Of Finals’ the league pledged £500 to each of the three charities (from league reserves) to add to the gate takings from each venue to donate to the respective sponsored charities, and a staggering £3022 was raised as follows:

*) Market Drayton Town FC (23rd May 2021) – £929 donated to PRISM.

L/R: Mike Hames (Chairman SJFL).  Linda Crous (PRISM Trustee). Lynnette Williams (Georgia Williams Trust). (Maggie Higgins PRISM Trustee). Jan Butler (Secretary SJFL) photo courtesy by Becky Reid SJFL Social Secretary.

*) STITC at Ludlow Stadium ( 6th June 2021) – £1156 donated to Shrewsbury Foodbank Plus

L/R: Meg Roberts (Shrewsbury Foodbank). Mike Hames (Chairman SJFL). Lynnette Williams (Georgia Williams Trust) Karen Williams (Shrewsbury Foodbank). Jan Butler (Secretary SJFL) photo courtesy by Becky Reid SJFL Social Secretary.

*) To top the day at STITC Ludlow, The Georgia Williams Trust (GWT) Respect partners to the league also presented the GWT/SJFL  Respect Team of The Year award to Oswestry Lions (who had won the U13 Consolation Charity Cup final on penalties!) and then went home with the sponsorship of a new kit for next season from the GWT!

*) The New Saints FC – Park Hall Stadium (13th June 2021) – £937 donated to Oswestry and Borders Foodbank. Read about it here on Oswestry Life. You can also read more on TNS website here plus the Oswestry and Borders Foodbank have more information here.

L/R: Liz Jermy (Oswestry and Borders Foodbank). Stephen (Project Helper – Oswestry and Borders Foodbank). Mike Hames (Chairman SJFL). Raff (Project Helper – Oswestry and Borders Foodbank). Jan Butler (Secretary SJFL) photo courtesy by Becky Reid SJFL Social Secretary.

The league is now preparing for its AGM and looking again to continue with financial support, as previously provided by SJFL during the Covid-19 lockdown and restrictions, to member clubs that provides/enables opportunities for all to play and enjoy grassroots football for the new season  – see SJFL News

SJFL is already in early discussion with the three senior clubs that supported the league’s finals to again host a ‘Festival of Finals’ that enable the league to sponsor those hard working local community charities during 2021/22.

Mike Hames
Chairman, Shropshire Junior Football League

U10-U12 Charity Festival at Prees Club

Sunday 20th June 2021 was the last day of the SJFL Festival of Finals. The U10, U11 and U12 Consolation Cup is being played at Prees Junior Football Club . The SJFL are very thankful for allowing us to use ground. The U10 Finals start at 10.am and teams involved are Prees Predators, Oswestry Crusaders, Meresiders Marvels and Wem Town.

The U11 Finals started at 1.30pm and the teams involved were Whitchurch Alport Colts, Prees Mavericks, Meole Brace Hawks and Shawbury Utd Hawks.

The U12 Finals started at 4pm and the teams involved were Bayston Hill Tigers, Shawbury Utd Juniors, Church Stretton Magpies and Shrewsbury Jnrs Colts.

Admission was £2 per car and was donated to our chosen charity for the day which is Luna’s Legacy.

On the day we saw a wonderful display of football and some very close games. We would like to thank Prees Junior Football Club for hosting the event and for all their help on the day.

The money collected on the day will be going to Luna’s Legacy the chosen charity for the finals.

The U10 winners were Prees Predators. The U11 winners were Whitchurch Alport Jnrs Colts. The U12 winners were Church Stretton Magpies.

Well done to all who took part.

Photos are the winning teams and man of the match winners below: