Code of Conduct


It is a mandated requirement that all SJFL clubs MUST appoint match-day Respect Marshalls as in NOT doing so you’ll be in breach of the league’s codes of conducts and liable for charge under guidelines for FA CS Respect Leagues. Implementation of RMs can/will assist match officials in incidents or issues that may arise on match days however, ALL matters of misconduct WILL be reported to the County FA by the match official.

Author: SJFL Special Committee (Disciplinary)

All SJFL teams must appoint a match-day Respect Marshall in accordance with guidelines for FA CS Respect Leagues. Please follow the links below to the rolls and responsibilities  of Respect Marshalls 

Respect Marshalls presentation
Respect Marshalls guidelines


Up & Comers Eagles

SJFL’s  Respect Team winners for season 2015-16 are Up & Comers Eagles U12.  The League’s Respect awards are sponsored and presented by The Georgia Williams Trust who are the League’s Respect Partners.  The trust will also be providing the winning team with an age appropriate day experience.  Respect team winners are selected from the Full-Time respect report  marks plus consideration to any additional supportive comments/feedback on the team through the season.  Shropshire FA also select the county winners and all nominees are invited to a STFC home game as part of the Community Sports Trust.

On the photo call (courtesy of Kidz in Focus): Manager and players of the Up & Comers Eagles U12 team with their Georgia Williams Trust trophy and winning medals.

(Under the Jurisdiction of The Shropshire Football Association)

“Aim to play a standard that should produce success without making winning the only goal”

Playing football and being invloved in a team game have a great deal to offer young people by helping them to develop a liking for active participation in a sport which can creatge an interest in personal fitness and health for the rest of their lives. For everyone to benefit from the opportunities offered it is essential that certain standards are met.

Football is the National game. All those involved with the game at every level and weather as a player, match official, coach, manager or administrator, have a responsibility, above and beyond compliace with the law, to act according to the highest standards of integrity, and to ensure that the reputation of the game is, and remains, high. This code applies to all those involved in football under the auspices of The Shropshire Junior Football League (The League) and The Shropshire Football Association.

Please click on the Links below to download copies of SJFL Code of Conduct and The Respect Code of Conduct:

Shropshire Junior League Code of Conduct

SJFL Respect Code

FA Respect Codes

More information on Raising Awareness (Best Practice), The Right People and Equality Standards can also be found on the following links:

Grassroots Football Safeguarding Children

Raising Awareness – Best Practice Downloads Section

Equality Standards – Equality and Diversity

FA Inclusion and Anti-Discrimination

The Right People
Responsible Recruitment procedures will help to screen out those people who are not suitable to work with children, young people and vulnerable adults. To make sure you are ‘getting the right people involved’ refer to The FA’s Responsible Recruitment guidelines resource document. Read more here.

Fairplay in Football
Means that everyone connected with football..

  • Shows understanding of, and respect for the Laws of the Game.
  • Supports the belief that the game should be played in an entertaining and positive way.
  • Behaves on and off the field of play in a sporting manner towards all others involved, be they players, officials or spectators, irrespective of results.

Misconduct and Verbal Abuse
All players, Club Officials and Spectators are reminded that the use of foul and/or abusive language, racial chants and/or remarks are considered to be conduct liable to bring the game into disrepute and the appropriate disciplinary action will be taken when any such instances are brought to the attention of The League and the County Association.

Please help to ensure that our games are not marred by such behaviour.

Safeguarding Children
FA Rules and Governance (FA Handbook 2016-2017)
Respect – set Your Stall Out