List of Registered Referees for the 2017-18 Season

Please help your club and league by treating the Referee in a proper manner. Give him/her courtesy and respect from the time they arrive at your ground and until they leave. Remember: You need the Referee.

A full list of referees available for youth football can be downloaded as follows:

For information on referees available for junior football please contact the RDO at Shropshire FA

SJFL pool of referees
For information on referees available for junior football please contact the Referee’s Appointment Secretary at SJFL

SFA Registered Referees
For information on referees available for junior football please contact the RDO at Shropshire FA

Note to all Team Managers and Assistants: All the above Referees hold a valid Child Protection Certificate and CRB Disclosure as confirmed by the Shropshire FA. Further names of Referees will be issued on links to this website and at SJFL league meetings.

SJFL. SCORY. Rule 13.(E) Subject to any limits/provisions laid down by the Sanctioning Association, Match Officials appointed under this Rule shall be paid their fees and expenses in accordance with the Fees Tariff. Match Officials will be paid their fees and/or expenses by the home Club unless otherwise ordered by the Management Committee. Failure to comply with this Rule will result in a fine (in accordance with the Fines Tariff).

13(E)(i)Local rule: Subject to any limits/provisions laid down by the sanctioning Association, Match Officials appointed under this rule shall be entitled to the following match fees: For U8 –U10 matches shall be £10, U11 – U12 matches Referee £15 Assistant Referees £10, U13 – U15 matches Referees £20 Assistant Referees £15 & U16 matches where the fees will be Referee £25 , Assistant Referee £20 (inclusive of travel expenses and any other permitted expenses actually incurred). The Home Club shall pay the Officials their fees and expenses before/immediately after the match. 

Think of becoming a referee


Referees – Rules and Regulations

Referee availability pro-forma


The success of The FA National Referee Development Programme (NRDP) in producing and retaining quality referees is determined by the choice of Partner Clubs and Leagues that are selected by the Shropshire FA to support the programme.

All clubs used in the programme are signed up to and actively participating in the FA Respect
Programme. These partners are aware of their responsibilities towards the development of selected referees and create an environment where potential and commitment will be encouraged to develop.

Partner Clubs are required to meet all Safeguarding requirements, follow the FA RESPECT programme, abide by the National Referee Development Programme Codes of Conduct and provide a safe and appropriate environment for match officials at all times.

Similarly National Referee Development Programme Partner Leagues are required to fulfil all of the above, as well as being an FA Charter Standard League, with allocated Referee Coaches and Mentors, and with a commitment to Independent Referee Appointments for the benefit and development of referees within the League

The Shropshire F.A. is delighted to announce that the Shropshire Junior Football League are the County F.A’s first recipient of this award as they have demonstrated a commitment and support in the development of referees in Shropshire.

As an FA Charter Standard League, Shropshire Junior League have included Referee Development and the introduction of Independent Referees Appointments as a key priority for a number of years as part of its League Development Plan .This has seen the introduction of Independent Appointments at Under 13s and Under 16s age groups this season with further age groups to follow in the coming seasons.

The FA and Shropshire FA acknowledge that the National Referee Development Programme will be unable to retain or develop match officials without the support of their network of Partner Leagues and Clubs. The FA and Shropshire FA acknowledge that the retention and development of referees is not only a success for the programme but also to those Partner Clubs and Leagues who support it.

Photo left to right : Jim Mitchell (SJFL President). Mike Hames (SJFL Chairman). Don Goodman ( FA Guest Speaker). Nigel Harris (SJFL Referees Appointments).

Photo courtesy of Yarrington Limited


Referee of the Year –  Robert Davies
SJFL appoints match referees to all U13, U16, cup semi-finals and cup finals. Robert Davies was awarded young referee of the year though his match officialdom of the younger age groups in the league. After each game a match report is returned to the league which includes referee’s marks plus comments for his refereeing that fixture. At the end of the season the highest average scores allots the winner. Simon Walker was awarded the senior referee of the year (older age groups) but was unable to attend the presentation day.

On the photo: from (L) to (R) Nigel Harris (SJFL Referee’s Appointments Secretary). Robert Davies – Young Referee of The Year.

Photo courtesy of Kidz in Focus