Futsal’ is a five a side game, played on an open sided pitch with specific goals and a size 4 football with a reduced bounce. It is played to touchlines and all players are free to enter the penalty area and play the ball over head height. The initiative is hugely popular in many countries, including some of England’s most revered football opposition. Most notably, Brazil and Spain use the game as a means to develop technical ability in youngsters and provides further opportunities for their club and national teams to gain domestic and national honours respectively. The dynamics of the game mentioned above, highlight key differences to regular ‘ 5 a side’, that we recognise as standard. These factors, simply promote a fast highly skilled and technically demanding game that generates increased attention from spectators and prospective players

Shropshire is one of the leading counties in regards to Futsal; the county holds annual men’s and women’s Futsal tournaments, junior club one off tournaments and one off school tournaments.

2008 saw increased interest in the game and school programmes are now being delivered within each School Sports Partnership with Shropshire FA planning to hold District School Futsal Cups in March culminating a County Schools Finals day. The real breakthrough though came when the Shropshire Junior League expressed an interest in playing Futsal.

Futsal 2017


“extract from interview by Nick Elwell Shropshire Star Grassroots editor and Mike Hames Shropshire Junior League Chairman”

At a time when participation numbers are dropping in leagues up and down the country, the SJFL are more than holding their own and also looking to the future having expanded their successful Futsal Festival:


SJFL’s Futsal Respect Festival – now in its ninth year – has started at Shrewsbury Sports Village and runs every Sunday through January and February 2017. With 70 teams entered this year from U7/crèche. U8. U9 & U10s , over 650 participants and a programme of 134 fixtures this is the best ever SJFL Futsal event to date!

Futsal is a key enabler for player development and the league also uses the event to promote respect in the game. This year, for the first time, U7/crèche teams will play as part of their introduction to organised football and Futsal. Teams don’t play for points or medals but are recognised/judged on Respect / Fair Play and Respect winners are awarded for each age group (U8, U9 and U10) – decided through respect match reports on players, managers/coaches and their supporters after each game/day of the Futsal festival. A team from each age group U8, U9 and U10 will receive their Respect awards at the league’s Presentation Day held at Grenhous Meadow Stadium. The Respect awards are-sponsored by Sportsjam , Kidz in Focus produce all official photographs and Shrewsbury Sports village, in partnership with Shropshire FA and SJFL host the event each year.

U7/crèche teams from Meole Brace Juniors, Llanymynech Juniors, Shrewsbury Juniors, Up & Comers and Whitchurch Alport Juniors opened the Futsal festival and listed below are the group photo calls of the teams, SJFL officials and match day referees.

All photo calls are courtesy of and thanks to Kidz in Focus

DSC_6832 - Copy

Kick It Out (Lets kick racism out of football): 

The attached photo calls (courtesy of Kidz in Focus – Official Photographers to SJFL) show a snap shot of the recent Kick It Out Campaign Day held at the Shrewsbury Sports Village as part of the Shropshire Junior Football League’s Futsal Respect Festival, in partnership with the Georgia Williams Trust, Shropshire FA Youth Council, Shropshire Football Association and Sportsjam.   It was a great opportunity to promote and raise awareness of the Kick It Outcampaign and was a fantastic success with over 100 players,  managers / coaches and supporters having short presentations/talks  by representatives from the SFA Youth Council about the Kick It Out, (Lets kick racism out of football), before their Futsal matches. Players also received badges, arm bands, wrist bands and other promotion material as a reminder of the day and the importance of Kick It Out. Please read the testimonials below in support of Kick It Out and for more information on Kick It Out please follow the attached link http://www.kickitout.org/ 

Kick It Out,  is an extremely important campaigning organisation within  the FA in eradicating racism from football. Football is such a universal game where a lot of people connect and by reaching so many people it’s appropriate to try and send out good messages through that medium. Racism is something we have to rise above and change – we need to talk about it more. Everyone should be treated equally – regardless of race, gender, sexuality, views or looks. Everyone deserves the right to be themselves and express their opinions on what they think on different matters. What racism or any sort of discrimination comes down to is ignorance. It’s lack of knowledge. The more knowledge and life experience we accumulate, the more tolerant we become where we can see people for who they are, what they are, and how they have become to be the way they are. Just because someone is racist doesn’t necessarily mean they are a bad person, it means they lack the knowledge and that’s why campaigning organisations like Kick It Out are so important. Education starts at home, in schools, junior football leagues/clubs  and everywhere around us so we need to be teaching young people that everyone is equal and work together to eradicate racism and discrimination altogether – not just in football but everyday life. For more info on the work of the Shropshire Junior League please follow the attached link http://shropshirejuniorleague.co.uk/

Mike Hames

*) Shropshire FA Youth Council were delighted to partner the Shropshire Junior Football League and Georgia Williams Trust to support the delivery of their Kick It Out Campaign  Shropshire FA Youth Council representatives Harry Coles, Regan Gough and Joe Jones delivered  Kick It Out talks to players, managers, coaches and supporters taking part in the Shropshire Junior League winter Futsal Respect Festival development programme.

The Kick it Out Campaign aims to deliver the message of inclusion and anti–discrimination within the football, educational and community sectors encouraging inclusive practiced and work for positive change.

Harry Coles of the Shropshire FA Youth Council said………….:

“This was a great opportunity for Regan, Joe and myself to really get the message across to the players and also the parents on how important the Kick it Out Campaign is and what they can do to help raise awareness  within their roles in Football.   It was also a excellent opportunity for the Shropshire FA Youth Council to partner with the Shropshire Junior League and also the Georgia Williams Trust. We look forward to continuing our ever-growing relationship with the Shropshire Junior League and hope through this new partnership it will support the development of the League, as well as help raise awareness of The Shropshire FA Youth Council and the work we do.”

For more info on the Shropshire FA Youth Council follow the link: http://www.shropshirefa.com/other/sfayouth-council 

Eve Bailey
Shropshire FA Football Development Officer
(Lead on Girls & Women’s / Disability / Young Leadership)

*) The Georgia Williams Trust is honoured to be the Respect Partners with the Shropshire Junior Football League as It’s most apt as we also promote respect in our Trust – this is between others in every way – not just in sports, but in everyday life.   Charities spring up for many reasons all over the world sometimes they have a specific cause,  some help those who suffer from an illness, are aimed at restoring a building or supporting a club but we believe The Georgia Williams Trust is just a little different. We are a charity dedicated to providing a lasting long term legacy to an exceptional young lady. With the money raised, we will celebrate Georgia’s life by enabling young people in the community to access adventure, outdoor activities and volunteering. The Trust aims to help children reach their goals in life and looks at ways to get as many children involved as possible, and perhaps achieve something they didn’t think possible. Racism is a lack  of knowledge and respect for each other and that’s why campaigning organisations like Kick It Out are so important. We are pleased to be the SJFL respect partners and support the league’s campaigns such as Kick It out  in that everyone around us is equal and by working together we can eradicate racism and discrimination altogether.

For more info on the Georgia Williams Trust please follow the link http://www.thegeorgiawilliamstrust.org/

Lynnette Williams
Georgia Williams Trust

*) This was a great opportunity for Sportsjam, as the Shropshire Junior Football League’s Futsal sponsors, to support such an important event as the Kick it Out Campaign  and help raise awareness to racism within Football. Thankfully I’ve not witnessed racism on the football pitch but it’s still sad to know that racism goes on in everyday life. . I’d hate to live in the fear that every time I stepped out onto the football field I’d hear slurs or negative comments – that type of behaviour is unacceptable, ruins the beautiful game and fundamentally hurts people. We are pleased to support the league’s campaign  Kick It Out  and hopefully by working together we can eradicate racism and discrimination from football.

For more info on Sportsjam please follow the link http://www.sportsjamwebshop.co.uk/shropshire-youth-league

Craig Price

DSC_6830 - Copy

On the two photo calls (courtesy of Kidz in Focus):

• Georgia Williams Trust, SFA Youth Council, SJFL Officers, Shropshire FA and Sportsjam show the flag and support to Kick It Out
• Players,  referees, sponsors , SJFL officers, SFA and FA representatives show their commitment to Kick It Out

To view the 2017 fixtures and rules for the tournament, please click on the links below:

Futsal Fixtures 2017
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Futsal 2017 rules
Futsal 2017 codes of conduct
Futsal 2017 format
Futsal 2017 respect report
Futsal 2017 team and player sheet

In addition the League was successful in securing a grant from The FA  (see letter here from Simon Walker). The league has already purchased new Futsal goals, which have been delivered to the Sports Village.

Mike Hames
Shropshire Junior Football League

Follow Futsal and more junior football at the league’s website on shropshirejuniorleague.co.uk



The SJFL’s 2016 Futsal Respect Festival is now in its eighth year and with 62 teams entered and over 600 participants this is the most successful event ever! The respect winners are-sponsored by Sportsjam and Kidz in Focus produce the programme as official photographers to the league. Futsal is a key enabler for player development and the league uses the event to promote respect in the game. Respect winners are awarded for each age group U8, U9 and U10 decided through respect match reports –  players, managers/coaches and their supporters after each game/day of the tournament. The winners are listed above and received their awards at the league’s Presentation day held at Grenhous Meadow Stadium.

Under 8 winners – Shrewsbury Juniors. Photo courtesy of Kidz in Focus.


Under 9 winners – Bayston Hill Juniors. Photo courtesy of Kidz in Focus.


Under 10 winners – Baschurch Juniors. Photo courtesy of Kidz in Focus.