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UNDER 13 to UNDER 15 LEAGUE & CONSOLATION CUP FINALS: 12th May 2019 at Ludlow Stadium (STITC).
UNDER 16 LEAGUE & CONSOLATION CUP FINALS: 19th May 2019 held at The Venue, Oswestry (Home of The New Saints  FC ). 

09/12/18: 16/12/18: 06/01/19: 27/01/19: Quarter-finals 17/03/19: Semi-Finals 07/04/19. Finals 12/05/19: (U13-U15) 19/05/19 (U16s):
[*]  League & Consolation Cup will be played in  ‘Cup Group Format’ – similar to Champions/Europa Cup Format covering the respective age groups of teams rather than by separate divisions within age groups. The ‘Group’ stages will produce teams to go forward to the quarter/semi-finals – (draw will be made using FA Full-Time). Age Groups with 3 teams will play home/away fixtures and groups with 4+ teams will play single fixtures.   The  Consolation Cup will start after the quarter-finals. Winning Quarter Finalists will progress to the League Cup Semi-Finals and Losing Quarter Finalists will progress to the Consolation Cup Semi-Final

Quarter-final fixtures to be played on 17/03/19 as follows: 

NB: Please be aware that the Shrewsbury 10k will be taking place on 17/03 and there will be road closures. This will probably affect morning fixtures, so please check the route to your venue and allow a little longer than normal to arrive.

U13 Age Group: ko 10.30am
Meresiders Maniacs v Oswestry Greyhounds – ref Dominic Hanna.
Meole Brace Juniors v Bayston Hill Juniors –  ref Henry Morris.
Oswestry Dashounds v SAHA Galaxy – ref Kai Bray.
Up & Comers Eagles v Shawbury Harriers –  ref Matt Tunnadine.

U14 Age Group:  ko 12.30pm
Meresiders Maniacs v Whitchurch Alport Junior Colts – ref Louis Arnold.
Shrewsbury Juniors Lions v Shrewsbury Juniors – ref Andy Shepherd.
Llanymynech Juniors v Market Drayton Tigers- ref Jacob Griffiths.
Oswestry Lions v Bridgnorth Spartans – ref Kai Bray.

U15 Age Group: ko 2.00pm
Bayston Hill Juniors v Oswestry Tigers – ref Regan Gough.
Shrewsbury Juniors v SAHA Tigers – ref Henry Gregory.
SAHA Colts v Worthen Juniors – ref Keith Davies.
Meresiders Maniacs v Whitchurch Alport Juniors – ref Sam Morris.

U16 Age Group: ko 2.00pm
Shawbury United Juniors v SAHA Vikings –  ref Matt Boswell.
Meole Brace Juniors v Bayston Hill Juniors – ref Stuart Manders.
Meresiders Menaces v Ellesmere Rangers – ref Scott Davies.
Baschurch Juniors v Oswestry – ref Jonathan Matthews.

SHROPSHIRE CHARITY CUP (U13–U16):  Cup Rounds: 07/10/18:  04/11/18:  25/11/18:  03/02/19:  03/03/02/19 (Semi-Finals -tbc )
U13 and U14 Finals: (Managed by SJFL). 28th April 2019, held at Greenfields Stadium. Market Drayton (home to Market Drayton Town FC).
U15 and U16 Finals: (Managed by TYJFL). Dates/venues tbc.

Shropshire Charity Cup Draw (U13-U16s) download here

Please contact the following for detailsTelford Junior Youth Football League Charity Cup club managers/coaches etc:

Paul Chadderton and Mark Neate

SJFL Charity Cup Festival /Trophy Events: U10, U11 & U12:  Four Host Club Festivals to be held on 24th March 2019.

Four Festival Venues at: SCAT. Monkmoor Recreation Ground. Shrewsbury Sports Village. Prees Cricket & Recreation Ground: 

Hosted by: Shrewsbury Up & Comers.  SAHA.  Shrewsbury Juniors. Prees Juniors

A match programme for U10s, U11s and U12s will take place at each venue with places to play for in the SJFL Festival of finals (U10s) and the semi-finals for U11 & U12s .   SJFL will provide grant aid to each Host club venue to support facility and match officials costs (part of the National Referee Development Programme Partner League). Host clubs will appoint match officials for their respective festivals as part of the SJFL’s CS Referee Development Programme.

The FA and Shropshire FA acknowledge that the National Referee Development Programme League (awarded to SJFL) will be unable to retain or develop match officials without the support of their network of Partner Leagues and Clubs. They also acknowledge that the retention and development of referees is not only a success for the programme but also to those Partner Clubs and Leagues who support it. 

U10s: Four Host Group Winners in Festival of Finals on 28th April 2019 at Greenfields Stadium. Market Drayton (home to Market Drayton Town FC).
U11 & U12s: Four Host Group Winners in Semi-finals 7th April (see rules for semi-final draw). Finals on 19th May 2019 held at The Venue Park Hall Stadium (home to The New Saints FC).

Download the full Charity Cup Festival match programme: here
Download  Charity Cup Festival rules: here
Follow link to SJFL Full-Time: here

FUTSAL RESPECT FESTIVAL 2019: U7 to U10s (Sundays) 13th January 2019 – 10th March 2019:  U12 & U14s (Weds & Fridays) 9th Jan2019 to 8th March 2019 held at Shrewsbury Sports Village. 

The SJFL Futsal Respect Festival will be in its eleventh year and again hosted by Shrewsbury Sports Village (part of the Community Football Partnership). The Futsal festival will run every Sunday through January, February and into March 2019 (U7-U10s) and Weds/Friday evenings for U12-U14s. Last year 86  teams entered and over 800 participants enjoyed the event making it the best ever SJFL Futsal event organised by any the league. Can we do better this year? YES we can as over 90 teams have entered!!

Futsal Code of Conduct SJFL 2019
Futsal Rules and Regulations SJFL 2019
Futsal Fixtures SJFL 2019 (Sundays)
Futsal Mid-Week Fixtures SJFL 2019

SJFL Charity Cup – U10 & U11  Festivals/Trophy 2016/17:
SJFL Charity Cup Festivals were ‘Hosted’ by Market Drayton Tigers, Oswestry B.G, Shrewsbury Juniors and Shrewsbury Up & Comers on Sunday 19th March 2017. A total of 21x U10 teams, 24x U11 teams and over 540 players competed for a place in the Charity Cup semi-finals and then the U10 & U11 Festival of finals which will be held at the home of Market Drayton Town FC on 23rd April.

All four venues were well supported and a selection of team and group photo calls below shows the excellent coverage by the host clubs to promote the festivals. The Charity Cup Trophy Semi-finals to be played on 2nd April will be competed as follows:

Group A winners v Group B winners [A v B] and Group C winners v Group D winners [C v D] in both U10 and U11 age groups. Group A and Group C winners will be the home club in each semi-final and be responsible for pitch booking and match day referee